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ROOMS agentura offers you services since 2000

We provide following services to our clients:

  • Short stay apartments rental at serviced corporate apartments of luxury, comfortable or standard category according the price budget of the client
  • Contract signature – full serviceLong stay lease and purchase of flats, apartments, family houses and villas, also commercial lease of properties.
  • For owners of the properties search of suitable buyer or tenant.
  • Professional presentations of properties (incl. good quality photos) on our website and about 10 real estate web servers.
  • Complete legal service and consulting, i.e. reservation, lease and purchase agreements, safe transfer of money connected with legal or notarial custody etc. - arrange experts of our corporates Law firm: Grinacová & Šulc, Arbesovo náměstí 257/7, 150 00 Praha 5, internet: www.akgr.cz.

Why choose ROOMS agentura?

Choose our real estate agent, we will take care of you and your property. Advantage and priority of cooperation with us - see our site “Why choose ROOMS agentura?”.

NEWLY : Real Estate Photography & Home Staging

Beautiful homes sell more easily

Our company is happy to announce the possibility of offering a new service to clients which is Real Estate Photography and Home Staging service by our specialist Mrs. Jitka Černy – a US Certified Home Stager and a long-time Photographer.

A combination of these two services helps real estate agents and homeowners to achieve the sale of their properties more easily = faster and at a better price.

Any homeowner sees its own home through a different set of eyes, bias, not objectively. Obviously, we all have home and feel attached to it since we have been living in it for a long time. Therefore, we see our own home differently than the potential buyer. For us, having memories attached to our own home, living in it for a long time of our life makes us all not very objective in perceiving our own home. Subsequently, when we try to sell our home, it might not be perfectly ready for the sale (not really clean, cluttered with personal things etc.).

Therefore it's important to prepare our home for sale. We start with the process called Depersonalizing = (cleaning and decluttering it).

Depersonalizing a home and preparing for sale make potential clients see the property through different eyes, it helps the byers imagine themselves living in it.

A certified home stager and photographer recommend the owner the best and easiest solution how to prepare the home. Getting it ready for open houses, making nice pictures of the home = do everything for a completely strange person to feel pleasantly and comfortably in it, and with that, increasing the chances of a successful sale.

Try our new service with our contractual specialist Mrs. Jitka Černy (USA Certified Home Stager and Real Estate Photographer).

Both of these services are commonly used by clients in the USA making it a standard service to clients.


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